The Correct Flexographic Printing Plate Making Process

Blog Apr 1, 2022
The Correct Flexographic Printing Plate Making Process

The Correct Flexographic Printing Plate Making Process

The flexographic printing plate making process is very delicate but not complex as most people would tend to think. In fact, with the level of automation we have in the modern flexo plate-making machines, it has become pretty simple and easy.

But what is the correct flexographic printing plate making process? Well, it takes at least major steps to make these plates. That’s what we are going to look at. We have out together for steps based on the 4 units of a flexographic printing plate making machine. Check out the following:

Exposure unit:

The exposure unit is where the images are printed on the plates. It is the first stage and the most crucial. Exposure should have an instant light up, high-intensity lamps to provide light when placing the materials and doing other things. There should also be digital timers that are easy to set. Make sure that the unit has a good quality lamps cooling system. These are features that make an ideal exposure unit and greatly affect the quality of plates.

Washout unit:

The washout unit cleans the plates after the image has been created. The unit uses a special liquid that cleans the plates to produce almost a clear. The best washout unit should be able to wash all kinds of plates. Note that if you are in business, you don’t have the luxury of choosing what material to use. To remain relevant and competitive, you should invest in a unit that can wash all kinds of plates. The unit must also have automatic temperature control for precisely washing without damaging the quality of plates.

Drying unit:

This unit dries the plates after they have been washed off. The unit removes all the moisture from the plates to keep them dry, and they are almost ready for use. Ensure that the drying unit has a uniform heat distribution for uniform drying of the plates. The drying temperature should be adjustable for precise control of drying various plates. Air circulation is also very crucial in the drying unit. So there should be a properly functioning air circulation and exhaustion design. Lastly, check for the overheat sensors to protect flexo plates from damages.

Treatment unit:

This is the final stage of the flexographic printing plate making process. The unit simply ensures that the plates are in the best condition. It is where the quality of the plates is tested before packaging.

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