5 Factors That Affect Wood Chipper Blades

Mar 31, 2022 Blog
5 Factors That Affect Wood Chipper Blades

5 Factors That Affect Wood Chipper Blades

There are many factors that can affect your wood chipper blades. Unfortunately, most people using wood chipper machines do not know about these things.  That’s why you will find most of them complaining about the high rate of wear and tear. What they may not know is that they could be misusing the machine or something that they can fix.

However, it is important to mention that wood chipper blades performance depends on the quality. If you have the right quality for the condition you are chipping, you will not have issues with the blades.

Therefore, there is a need to buy quality wood chipper blades. This simply means buying from a reliable supplier. You can click for info about one of the best wood chipper blades manufacturers and suppliers in the market.

Here are the major factors that can affect wood chipper blades:

Quality of Brands

The first issue that affects wood chipper blades is the quality that you have invested in. Make sure that you have just invested in the kind of quality that matches your needs. You need to assess your wood chipping needs and ensure that you have gotten the best quality.

Types of Material Chipped

The other that will greatly affect the wood chipper blades is the material being chipped. Each set of blades is designed to handle specific materials or a range of materials. You need to ensure that you are using these blades for the materials they are made for. This is an important factor. Otherwise, you will have a problem with a high rate of wear and tear.

Debris Entering the Hopper

The amount of debris in the hopper can be damaging to the wood chipper blades. If you don’t keep the hopper cleans, it will start lowering the efficiency of the wood chipper. This will have an impact on the blades. The machine will be forced to work harder, and this will eventually ruin the blades.

Hardness and Thickness of Blade

The hardness and thickness of the blade is another factor that can greatly affect your wood chipper blades. Note that these blades are exposed to a lot of heat and bending pressure. The thickness will have an effect on the blade ductility and ability to withstand high heat.

Blade Maintenance

The other thing that can affect your wood chipper blades is maintenance. Poor maintenance exposes the blade to increased wear and tear of the teeth. So keep the teeth properly maintained.

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